40% of food is needlessly wasted each year due to exaggerated sell-by dates.

Restaurants, cafes, and grocers all have surplus food that typically gets thrown out if it doesn’t get sold in time – perfectly good food that could feed people who need it.

We save good food from going to waste

Scrapless has the opportunity to eliminate 12 million tonnes of food waste across Canada, diverting 34% of all food wasted in the food supply chain.

0 M
tonnes of avoidable food waste in Canada
0 %
of food wasted in the food industry
$ 5 B
in savings for local food businesses across Canada
5 M
tonnes of avoidable CO2 emitted from food waste

We help local businesses

We give businesses an opportunity to tighten their bottom line be able to sell their food surplus or near-expiring goods to list for sale.  

Helping people facing food scarcity

4 million Canadians are food insecure, 1.2 million of them are children. Scrapless provides affordable food to these families as well as young professionals living on a tight budget. 

Join the Movement

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