Scrapless – Eliminating Waste Through Connection

To live in a more just and sustainable world, it is imperative that our food systems become sustainable.

Living sustainably is about ensuring that the current needs of today are met without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. When we talk about environmental sustainability – climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity, etc. – we must also include the prominent issue of food wastage in the discussion. Marc Apduhan, EIT and I have always had a mutual passion for this subject, which is how Scrapless sprouted to what it is today.

Our mission is to eliminate waste through connection. A catastrophic amount of food is wasted across the supply chain annually. We believe part of the solution to this unnecessary waste problem is by connecting hungry, eco-conscious consumers with forward-thinking food businesses. We currently are forwarding this mission through our Scrapless mobile application.

We at Scrapless envision a sustainable economy rich in connection and free of waste. We would like to invite you into our vision: To do more and Scrapless. #DoMoreScrapless

With humility, gratitude, and so much excitement,

Co-Founder & COO | Scrapless Exchange

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