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Redistributing food surplus to get perfectly-good food in the hands of Canadians.

Did you know...

58% of all food produced in Canada is wasted every year.

Together, we can fix that. Scrapless targets food waste within the food supply chain in order to mitigate the negative impact on the environment, climate, and local economies.

Diverting Excess Food

Supporting Local Businesses

Providing Affordable Meals

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Easy-to-use Platform

How It Works

Surplus food is listed for sale

Food retailers easily create time-sensitive listings of excess foods at a discounted rate.

Local users in the area are notified

Our app informs users of AMAZING deals available in their area according to their tags and notification settings. 

Orders are reserved for pick-up

Scrapless users can reserve a listing through the app by paying a portion of the cost upfront,

Users earn Scrap+ rewards

Customers earn in-app points and rewards by claiming more deals, diverting food waste, and contributing to the local economy. 


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Receive exclusive deals on great food all while helping to solve the issue of food waste.

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